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Welcome to Muscle Buds Gay Muscle Tube Video Site

Below is some general information required to view Videos.

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Requirements to view our site:
Browser with COOKIES ENABLED, JAVA ENABLE. POP-UP Blocker OFF and SHOCKWAVE/FLASH plugin enabled

The best browser to use for multimedia is the FireFox browser FREE FireFox browser at:
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FireFox support at: FireFox Support PAGE here

Shockwave/Flash plugin FREE at:

AOL Users the AOL browser can cause problems with LOGIN and Viewing Videos.
We suggest using the FireFox or IE Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer IE and browser requirements
1. Make sure you have COOKIES ENABLED in your browser.
2. Make sure you have JAVA installed and enabled in your browser.
3. If you are using Internet Explorer make sure that you have the Shockwave/Flash Plugin Enabled. Under IEs "TOOLS" a drop down menu box lists "MANAGE ADD-ONS" select "Enable/Disable" it will populate a popup window with all the plugins for your browser. Scroll to Shockwave/Flash and make sure it is ENABLED, if not put your mouse on it, at the bottom of the window will be ENABLE / DISABLE. Also, make sure ActiveX is ENABLED.

Then under "TOOLS" menu box at the bottom is "INTERNET OPTIONS" A popup window will several choices select "PRIVACY" and make sure COOKIES are ENABLED

Why do I need to register?
Answer: You must be 18 and a legal adult in your locale of residency. Registration is required by the administrator. Registration gives a member additional features such as uploading, rating videos and posting comments etc.

How do I register?
Answer: Go to "Sign Up" and fill out the required fields

Our system sends a verification notice to your email address.
Some ISPs email services will route our verification notices to SPAM or JUNK mailboxes.
Please check these mailboxes for your verification if not in your INBOX.

How Do I login?
Answer: Go to "Login", submit your username and password so you will be logged in on the site.
IMPORTANT:Cookies must be enabled and the cookie from this site must not be deleted.

Why can I not login?
Answer: For login problems contact the site administrator. Click on "Contact Us" at the top menu.

What if I forgot my password?
Answer: Click on "Contact Us" at the top menu. In your message give us your USERNAME and the EMAIL ADDRESS you registered with. The administrator will send your Password.

How do I upload a file?

Answer: Go to "SUBMIT CONTENT" at the top menu. Fill in the information requested (Select Video or SWF/Flash, select category, title name and description required) in the form then Click "Browse," find the file to upload, and click "open." Click "Browse," find the thumbnail image for your file to upload, and click "open." Click "Submit".
MAX filesize allowed is 50 MB
File types accepted are AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, and MOV
Thumbnails are auto created by the system, (Clips need to be over 10 secs in length for thumbnail creation), which converts your uploads to FLV Flash files.
It can take several minutes depending upon your connection speed, filesize and server activity.

My file didn't upload Why?
The Max file size is 50 MB
Sometimes files that may have some corruption in them will not be accepted by the system. If your file is OK and under the MAX limit (25 MB) please try again.
Time outs can occur depending on your connection speed and demands on the server.

I can't view some of the Videos Why?
You need to have media installed on your computer. Shockwave Flash

What content is not allowed.
Muscle Buds reserves the right to delete any file(s) for any reason at any time, without notice to the submitter, which is deemed objectionable and inappropriate by the Muscle Buds Editor.
No image(s) / videos(s) of any individual(s) under the age of 18 are permitted, allowed or condoned and if an image(s) / videos(s) appears, suggests or insinuates to be an individual and or individuals under the age of 18 that image and or image(s) / video(s) will be deleted without notice to the submitter.
Furthermore, copyrighted material, intellectual property such as photos or image(s) / video(s) are not permitted unless with written permission from the owners of said material, otherwise this material if known and or notified to be copyrighted will be deleted.


Underage (Provocative and/or Non-Provocative)
Any and all depictions and/or actual occurrences and/or references to Underage (Provocative and/or Non-Provocative); including Hentai or animations.  
Any and all depictions and/or actual occurrences and/or references and marketing of rape, involuntary sex or forced sex; in all mediums including Hentai or animations.  
Bodily Excretions
Any and all depictions and/or actual occurrences and/or references involving the content of, advertising or marketing of scat/fecal matter, person to person watersports, and/or a woman's period or menstruation.  
Extreme Violence
Acts of extreme violence, and/or depictions of extreme violence in all mediums including Hentai or animations.